Remote Surveillance

Remote Monitoring and Early Warning: This is a modern security service that has recently spread widely worldwide, for the fact that it provides the client with an early warning of potential threats and sabotage. Hemaya introduces this service for the first time in Palestine, by linking client’s sites with the company's operations unit and putting the outer perimeter, entrances, exits and other sensitive locations of the site under full monitoring around the clock .Hemaya monitors your security systems through our three operating rooms which are rendered by highly qualified teams equipped with knowledge and experience. From the moment we receive any signal from any device connected to your sites, a mobile patrol will be dispatched to your site in order to deal with the emergency situation rapidly, while informing the competent authorities in order to direct behavior.

Service Advantages:


  • Monitor guard performance.
  • Early warnings of potential threats(fire, burglary, or illegal entry outside the official working hours).
  • Documentation of all the events at Hemay’s Control Room for future reference.