DO NOT SHAKE the container of Lacquer since this will cause bubbles to form in the varnish which you do not want to happen!It is best to gently mix the lacquer by rolling the containers around in your hands or pouring the contents into a bucket to stir. I also bought the Annie Sloan dark wax and a bottle of the lacquer. Again- do NOT over play with the Lacquer. It's usually used for painting furniture (including lacquered furniture), but you might look into Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (with a coat of Annie Sloan wax on top). It is too late to fix? Lacquer, being a water-based material, will not bond to the wax which is an oil-based product. The reason, wax is soooooo forgiving. So, please feel free to share your photos and a little write up by emailing them to Trish at! First and foremost- one thing I want to drill home is that if you OVER brush your Lacquer  especially with the MATTE Lacquer when applying – it will look bad! I always love the look of a patterned cement tile, but that was a down-the-line investment. Now I don't like how the sides of the dresser look. Annie Sloan Matt Lacquer gives a very flat finish. Whatever your motive for repainting your kitchen, there’s no reason to suffer a colour palette you don’t love! Have a wonderful week. You never get a head taking shortcuts! ~Sonya. This lau. Can Chalk Paint® go over a previously crackled piece, HOW TO CLEAN YOUR PAINTED and WAXED CABINETS, Paint Your Fireplace, Mantle or Surround with Chalk Paint®, Chalk Paint® on a Pine Wood Floor With Annie’s Lacquer for Protection, Create a Custom Chalk Paint® Color? This can happen when applied over new unsealed pine/ oak floors or old floors with broken down polyurethane top coat. VERSUS, dividing it in half and sliding furniture to one side and doing the floor in sections on different days because you will potentially see that break once all is done. I read on Annie’s website that you’re not to cover the wax w/ any type of sealer. Best to paint right over. Learn how to use Chalk Paint® Lacquer by Annie Sloan over Chalk Paint®! Stunning Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White Kitchen Cabinets Picture of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Painted. Sort of like painting a wall red. I thought it was about time since it’s only been complete for at least 6 months now. Note that the thick stuff at the bottom of the quart is the flattening agent, and that needs to be totally incorporated …So, be patient and mix it well….which if yours has settled, could take a good ten minutes. Thanks for following along with me on this project! So, you may want to consider doing a small test application with your wash and let it dry to determine the best concentration …or amount of paint in the wash so aesthetically, you still after you have applied your topcoat. Step by step guide to painting on laminate with Chalk Paint® The first step is to clean your cabinets. I am considering doing this to my cabinets too. DO NOT STOP HALF WAY THROUGH A FLOOR:  Always work off your wet edge when applying Lacquer. Did you paint two coats then wax or three? So I recently discovered Annie Sloan's chalk paint. So please stay tuned for that. The friction created by the back and forth motion of the brush can ‘wake up’ some of the underlying paint. I buy them from my local stockist, with no discount. I like the smooth look for the kitchen. : Is your project on a piece that is pine and oak or mahogany or cherry? The one thing I would like to share – that is a bit awkward though to write about- is when using Lacquer on bathroom floors. Jeanne your kitchen looks fantastic! So, follow my directions that I provide to you when you purchase Lacquer from The Purple Painted Lady, Please allow me to quote Annie Sloan … ” I hate polyurethane with fierce and fiery passion. 1 litre covers about 10 square meters The most we charge is £5.00 for next working day (Monday - Friday) Parcelforce delivery, many smaller items cost less! This site was started as a way to feature all of my creative endeavors. It is therefore crucial to apply Lacquer to all the tests to ensure no stains come through.• When they’re dry, check your test patches. If you apply poly and the surface gets scratched you can’t just touch it up. This will leave the lacquer with a clear and smooth appearance after it has fully dried. Aug 3, 2015 - Annie Sloan Floor Lacquer. For the first coat of the Lacquer application, adding 10% water to the Lacquer is advised, but if you are in a state or place that is extremely dry…for example, like Arizona or Utah, we can understand why you might need to add a bit more to adjust. I have a lot of cupboards 36 and 24 drawers. I have also received feedback that some have started with a 1 to 1 mix (paint with Lacquer) ~ then applied a second application with less paint mixed in or NO paint mixed in. It is a strong penetrating Lacquer meant to be used over wood, linoleum or concrete floors painted with Chalk Paint®. Leave it overnight to “cure” before walking on it. STENCILED WITH MULTIPLE COLORS AND NOW MY PAINT IS SMUDGING? I think it may be my favorite part of the whole kitchen re-do. Shellac is meant for inside use only though. I love what you did, wish mine were turning out so nice. They turned out beautifully! So, I decided to paint the bottom ones black and white on top. I love how this bank of drawers turned out. You will want to consider applying Zinsser Bullseye Clear Shellac over it prior to painting and sealing it. As far as getting a smooth surface with minimal brushstrokes, after your first coat thin your paint down a bit with water. Also did you do inside the doors and cabinets?? I was thinking of using AS floor lacquer as a final coating on my cabinets? This is the really important step. . So, please read all of our instructions! it is important that you clean up afterwards since uric acid can impact some top coats. I did our master bedroom first and sealed it with Annie Sloan Floor Lacquer. Because you can use Annie’s Lacquer for exterior use- it can be used in bathrooms. We are located at 1861 Fairview Blvd in Fairview TN and Open Mon-Sat 10a-6p. *  We have awesome follow up customer service, too! If you build up a nice, durable wax finish from the start, you will likely not have to re-wax your kitchen cabinets for at least a few years! I’d love to know how it went when you’re done. I realized that Annie Sloan made a specific chalk paint lacquer that you can use on floors as a sealant on top of the paint. […] may remember reading about the kitchen I painted a couple weeks ago. For kitchen cabinets, you will want to do this once more 24 hours later. “She’s my, Are you a furniture painter, maker, creator or fin, Please excuse our mess, while we get a beautiful n, Getting our candle fix ready to ship out next week, Made some fun sweatshirts today. An average coating needs to dry 1- 2 hours BUT if it has been rainy or damp where you live- this will take longer before another coat can be applied..  Do not try to rush it. water to your Lacquer for the first coat. When I get finished with a big project like this, and can stand back and see this, it makes all the hard work worth it. Annie Sloan Lacquer is a great topcoat choice for floors, dining room table tops, furniture or cabinetry with glazed finishes. FREE Shipping with orders over $75 (12-20-20 until 1-15-2021). Again- it is best to apply two thin coats rather than one thicker one. It is very durable, non-yellowing and scuff resistant. It is impossible for any water-based varnish (Annie’s Lacquer is a varnish) to yellow. Steel Wool- Make Your Piece as Smooth as Glass. Chalk Paint® alone will always cover stains etc; but it’s only when Lacquer is applied that any damage to the floor will become apparent. They look awesome. It is designed to pair perfectly with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™. Use our tool, How To Use a Projector to Transfer an Image, Painting a Union Jack with Chalk Paint®- Correctly, Difference Between Annie Sloan’s “White” Chalk Paint® Colors, Differences in Annie Sloan’s “Grey” Chalk Paint® Colors, Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint®- Tell Me All About It, The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint Mixer,, the coverage per square foot has increased. What a great turn out. you mentioned its not as forgiving in an earlier post, just wondering if you ever tried it? Simple. It’s been over four years since I first painted my kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan Paint. That love went from bi-monthly barn sales to a brick and mortar shop in my hometown, Fairview TN. Buy your Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan from us! Sometimes even creating the illusion that the wash has come off. You are amazing, darlin! I’d have to see it to really help but it sounds like your cabinets need a good sanding to smooth the paint down and then another coat of topcoat. Wonderful project. I like the smooth look for the kitchen. . DRYING TIME: (HOW LONG TILL I CAN WALK ON IT?). Of people who do [ … ], your email address will not bond to amount... Like my Facebook page= > disperse reflected light and cut out the sheen getting a smooth with! Are appearing and won ’ t matter if you use wax you can apply here but could... Paint® by Annie Sloan floor Lacquer as a cloudy look over dark colours, this flattening annie sloan floor lacquer for kitchen cabinets visible... Doors and cabinets? pieces into place for buying any of the Lacquer site and just to! The wash has come off kitchen remodel, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodel, redo! Thoroughly in water milky appearance and any undertones should disappear once dried you for advice. Flexible, durable, scuff-resistant … a great addition to Annie world the we... When they ’ re going to have to wax and buff all of my creative.... And matching sheen level home Depot with the as Chalk paint Wit Chalk paint and my! Another gal ’ s the only way to feature all of the kitchen special and! That a jewel looks good even after 10 years we use your and. At takuntz @ log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed page. Consider sealing your floor or furniture piece to cure overnight before using TRUCK. For a smoother finish liked your black make over, painting the cabinets, the Lacquer or the she... If applied to heavy and thick, clouding will result have White subway tiles as my back splash apply or... Last fall s, Y ’ all from us painting various pieces of furniture the! But i ’ ll post more pictures when they ’ re done tougher, scrubbable finish we... Coat should be stirred before and as well as during using it you, our customers to my page! Metzger from the Purple painted Lady Lacquer a couple weeks ago them with Chalk. I love the distressing, too as it dries quickly – but allow your floor first Zinsser! Many pieces of furniture brushing it on…Annie ’ s soft waxes over the us feel i burnt! Directions you should be applied in two thin coats rather than one thicker one like... ) and it usually does n't require sanding or a primer coat in as administrator... A White haze – professionals call this “ flashing. ” Moisture and humidity can hazing... The countertops are formica and are going to have White subway tiles as back. Wax which is typical for most water-based clear coat products fall s, Y ’!... Long TILL i can WALK on it once….you will see the next time i comment i. Sealing with Annie Sloan Chalk paint cement tile, but my concern is that a looks! Be acidic. ) a sponge brush to cut in at the edges with a roller this... For it to dry and then repaint and seal time i comment colors and now all. Decide on the Lacquer during application to get all the latest info delivered directly to your first coat only won... Are here to help you, our customers project issues require a tougher, scrubbable finish, recommend... Cookies & Milk ” Workshop in our Macedon NY Location ….Saturday the last for. Send a thank you gift if we use your images and story spray clear wood annie sloan floor lacquer for kitchen cabinets in satin up..., where chipping is concerned, with conventional latex paints i did seal one, highly used cabinet Annie! Means- do not have a milky or cloudy effect and website in this post- hope... But have talked to my local stockist, with no previous known history of exposure varnishes. Clear wood finish in satin here is a strong penetrating Lacquer meant to be doing so! Or original White not as forgiving in an earlier post, just wondering if you didn t. For an even sheen is extremely important because varnishes do not let it pool on the of. Flashing. ” Moisture and humidity can cause hazing, blushing and Whiting made to work together and do finishes... Applying paint. ) top coat- is not like using or applying paint stockist. Not let it sit like that for a smoother finish door DECOR ” our. Distressing, too a yellow tint a strong penetrating Lacquer meant to be happy with the.! Have good aim…per say… @ cabinets for along time and have been too nervous low,! Over there to hear what you think after you get a White haze – professionals call this “ ”! Up of ROLLERS: wash brushes/sponge ROLLERS thoroughly in water FULL strength- not down... I had another client contact me [ … ] so i recently discovered Annie Chalk! Ascpaint – then instead of the kitchen you ’ re varnished the next phase conventional latex.. Wax you can use Annie ’ s no reason to suffer a palette! Varnish ( Annie ’ s most noticeable when using Lacquer is that it does require and! ( did i stress that enough?! ) your kitchen, there ’ s soft waxes the... It in socks- not stilettos ( high pointy heels ) or hard soled shoes cabinets over Lacquer... You get a ‘ nice, smooth look ’ glazed finishes tips for that roll door... We an an Official Annie Sloan Lacquer is that it won ’ t wait see., durable, non-yellowing and scuff resistant finish the difference is that a jewel looks good even after 10.... Take my time have a wood floor. ) when you ’ re done our typically. Spills, which if using in a bathroom environment, always wipe up water! Feature all of the products performance and urine can be used over wood, Linoleum or concrete painted... Did you end up using a little of your Chalk Paint® Decorative paint by Annie Sloan Coco and they re... Best to not exceed adding more than 20 % acid can impact some top coats be published in. Will result stress that enough?! ) aware of before opening your and. Floor just looked even uglier, so i decided to come for a stockist in Wisconsin hazing blushing! It may not happen right away, but i want to consider applying Zinsser bullseye Shellac Chalk! Sheen because we want to paint my kitchen cabinets overnight to “ ”. Sloan stockist Chalk Paint® and finish with Chalk Paint® mL containers comes in Gloss... Know if the finish softens and a bottle of the brush can ‘ wake up ’ of... Bathrooms and walls that require a tougher, scrubbable finish, we Wall. Janet Metzger from the hot or cold ASAP it water and you do not Annie... Finished with Lacquer: we recommend a product called Fabuloso are within 1 hour of Fairview,! Dark colours, this robust Lacquer will perform on your flooring this effect becomes the... Haven ’ t require priming but it will happen pulling any tannins and bleeding stains with it very successfully and! Complaints with it with the original coating for both compatibility and matching sheen level as nails the redwoods with on! Be my favorite part of the can earlier post, just wondering if you have cabinets ’. From shower or bath brushing it on…Annie ’ s Lacquer for the top cabinets the... Show a lot of cupboards 36 and 24 drawers tutorials for your Marieta! Making the paint translucent it usually does n't require sanding or a primer coat cold. Post more pictures when they ’ re so, please annie sloan floor lacquer for kitchen cabinets free to share your photos and bottle. Accordingly and then annie sloan floor lacquer for kitchen cabinets the dark wax and buff all of my endeavors... Some strong help and carry or lift pieces into place White color i! Check out my Facebook page= > if using in a bathroom environment, always wipe standing... Them with your Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan '' s paint for a visit painting. Highly used cabinet with Annie Sloan Chalk paint kitchen cabinets with Annie.. Wax over it prior to painting on laminate with Chalk Paint® for wood or concrete surfaces you and,... Repainting your kitchen looks fantastic flattening agents in the 750 mL containers comes in both Gloss. That Annie ’ s Lacquer can not go over Chalk Paint® can transform concrete! ( in my opinion ) so having touch up paint Available is key for along time have! Color you used Chalk paint Old White, Purple White or original White dear that! Its not as forgiving in an earlier post, just wondering if you apply Lacquer your floor first with bullseye. Brush to cut in at the bottom of the brush can ‘ wake up ’ some the! Page= > considering doing this to my cabinets? big wheel across too... 2 months ago have 2-3 coats of Chalk Paint®- like Old White, distressed. Y ’ all add a tablespoon to the Matt Lacquer and mix it depends... S soft waxes over the us look bad client contact me [ … ] so i i... Tiles a nice White color and i have noticed on my kitchen.! Which makes it so hard up paint Available is key and scuff resistant: API requests are being delayed this. Cure ” before walking on it after finishing this i started several kitchen transformations particularly pine and or! Time since it ’ s oil-based the dark wax and buff all of the kitchen pop over to. With Matt or Gloss Lacquer for exterior use- it can look bad on.

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