Cap1: 800-258-9319 (Debt Recovery) Wal-Mart Underwriting: 877-294-7548; 877-294-8770 Juniper/Barclays: 866-750-6031 (Corp. Offices) Synchrony Credit Solutions: 877-379-8173 (Overseas) Philips 66: 866-289-5630, 800-610-1961 US Bank: 800-947-1444, 800-685-7680 (Underwriting) Synchrony: 937-534-6180 ( Fraud Dept/locked account) For synchrony Bank Press J to jump to the feed. Commerce Bank Consumer Loan Underwriting Dept: 800-446-7766 – Jfriend33 It is important to pay them in full and on time. US Bank: 800-308-3648 (Debt Recovery) Cap1: 800-955-7070 (App Status) Select App for New then Option 2 to check App Chase: 888-622-7547 (Chase Executive Ofc. BofA Fraud Monitoring: (877) 833-5617 AmEx: 800-700-7619 (Reserves – handles closed and charged-off accounts) For those card types that aren’t listed below, navigate to the Citi contact page, then follow these instructions: Click “Give Us a Call”. The last thing you want to see when applying for a credit card online is that your application needs further review. Barclays: 877-683-1400 (Security Dept) 7 to 10 day message ) See if you can be reconsidered for the card The first is to call the bank’s reconsideration line and speak to a live human. Write to us at Synchrony Bank, P.O. Also, you should know that being an authorized user will count toward your 5/24 in most cases. Discover: 800-347-4856 (CLI Specialist) The applicant can fill in some files online or get a banker in the bank branch. Cap1: 877-513-9959 (Account Retention?) For inquiries, please allow at least 3 … Synchrony Bank: 1-800-480-0186 (new accounts ID Vertification: Monday-Friday Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. (Account Specialist) In addition to basic customer support, they can often do things like: You probably won’t get the direct line to executives at these banks, but calling these numbers might get you more help than the regular customer service line. in IL) Application Status)  I’m Box 965036, Orlando, FL 32896-5036. Reconsideration line A very effective way to apply for credit card in USA is the backdoor line. Macy’s: 800-627-2909 (Credit Dept. Click here for a list of international phone numbers, Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card by Citi, List of Customer Service phone numbers by country, Help you find credit cards that they issue, Reconsider you for other credit products or terms, Give you a higher credit limit or lower APR, ACE Prepaid Debit Card Customers: 866-387-7363, Flight, Hotel, Car Online Support Line: 800-297-2977, International (call collect): 302-255-8888, Accessibility Coordinator: 1-800-309-6191, Outside the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico (call collect): 1-423-467-6543, Confirm Balance or Activity, New Accounts: 800-432-1000, Secured Accounts: 888-260-4696 – NON WORKING, International (call collect): 1-757-677-4701, Customer Satisfaction: 800-421-2110, 888-991-8222, Bank of Hawaii MyBankoh Rewards Credit Card customers: 1-888-455-5330, Bank of Hawaii Hawaiian Airlines® Consumer Credit Card: 1-866-250-2883, Bank of Hawaii Hawaiian Airlines® Business Credit Card: 1-866-686-5229, Balance and Transaction History: 1-877-406-2045, Set a Travel Notification: 1-877-623-7008, Lost/Stolen Cards (including international; call collect): 804-934-2001, Fraud Protection: 800-427-9428, 800-239-7054, Secured Card – Initial Deposit: 800-219-7931, Account Specialist: 800-625-7866, 800-889-9939, 800-625-7866, Senior Escalation Account Managers: 800-707-0489, Online Banking Customer Service: 866-750-0873, Business Banking Customer Service to report lost or stolen cards: 877-987-4249, Report a Lost or Stolen Card (including international; call collect): 804-934-2001. Have a Game Plan If you already have several cards from one issuer, they are more likely to give you a new card but not necessarily grant you more credit. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Log In Sign Up User account menu 0 What is the reconsideration number for paypal credit? Wells Fargo: 866-677-1128 (now Executive Office) ~Brax For other inquiries about your credit card status, call the customer service or application status numbers. (Must have a current credit Wells Fargo: 800-967-9521 (credit card underwriting) ~Brax Comenity Account Protection: 1-866-668-5450 (Verification of identity) ~Ron1 Cap1 Secured Platinum: 800-219-7931 (deposit taker, can speak to credit But you can often argue this point via the reconsideration line to get approved. Corporate Accounts: 1-866-913-4275 ~Duke84 Citi: 1-800-695-5171 (New App Status appears US Based w decision ability) – Citi App Status: 800-645-7240, 800-288-4653, 800-750-7453 Chase: 800-453-9719 (Business Analyst Recon) ~Yes-Its-Me If the bank denied your application, you should call the reconsideration line at once. Customers can also file a dispute through PayPal Credit’s bank, Synchrony Bank. Fifth Third Bank Phone: 1-800-457-0842 – Select 3 for a CSR (Credit Card Citi Retail Banking EO: 866-336-7285 ~maiden_girl (updated 7/2018 to include WalMart/Sam’s Club: 877-294-7541 (escalated help desk) Payments You can schedule or make up to 5 online payments to be made beyond your billing cycle, but only one payment per day. Discover: 866-219-0214 (Retention Dept.) A list of these issuers can be found on our Editorial Guidelines. Chase: JP Morgan Priority Services 800-527-7415 8am-7pm-EST ~Btino858 I’ve also never had. Bank of America® (866) 458-8805– General Account and Reconsideration Line (877) 721-9405– Personal Application Status Line (800) 481-8277– Business Application Status Line … Backdoor number or reconsideration line is a non-public (or semi-public) bank customer service phone. They ask for your app #) Begging and pleading with customer service not getting you anywhere except front row seats to … Credit Card Insider and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Citi: 888-201-4523 (New App Approval Status) Synchrony Bank There is no way to check your status with Synchrony Bank. It is our loyalty program that rewards you with exclusive offers and points for purchases made at Ulta Beauty stores and on Staples: 800-767-1291, 800-282-5316 Learn more in our Editorial Guidelines. failed) – MRsolis  Underwriting) Wells Fargo: 866-412-5956 or 866-412-5957 (UW) ~michael_us & Lyythine If you don’t have your card on hand, don’t worry — we’ve compiled support hotlines for a broad selection of major U.S. issuers. HSBC: 888.385.8916 (24 Hr CC Info) – DaveInAZ “Retail Banking” ~ request by Citi) Discover: 888-676-3695 (Recon) Make sure you understand why your application was rejected (banks are required by law to give you a specific reason) and then do your best to appeal the decision. Cap1: 800-903-9177 (Application Service Group department) Home Depot Store Card: 423 467 6957 (App Status/Recon) HSBC: 866-574-4421 (App Status) If you discover a new phone number, or would like to report one that is not working below, please email us or tweet us @CardInsider. Target: 866-225-7041 ( New accounts, i.e. Know your history with the bank: Make sure you know all the cards you currently have open with the bank whose reconsideration line you are calling, when you opened them, and any issues (hopefully no late payments or 4. Chase: 800-955-9900 (Product change status questions) BofA: 800-824-5895 (secured & partially secured accts.) Chevron/Texaco Biz Card App Status: 888-243-8358 – new credit, inquiries on upgrade to Visa Efforts have been made to keep the content up to date and accurate. These numbers will help you get in touch with customer service reps as well as credit analysts and underwriters at a variety of issuers. Bottom line If your credit card application is denied, it might not be the final answer. BofA: 866-618-4585 (Sr Credit Analyst) ~corymcdd88 GM Lending Dept 800-395-2120 – (Analyst) they cannot assist with other Cap 1 AmEx Key Bank does not have a direct line to the reconsideration department. ET Saturday, closed Sunday Sunoco: 800-310-4773 Cap 1: 800-707-0489 (Senior Escalation Account Mgrs.) Plead your case by explaining why you would be a good customer. All it took was a call to the bank’s It’s also . relations) Chase: 1-888-270-2127 (Analyst) ~Credit_hawk Key Bank MC: 800-288-4653 Cap1: 800-889-9939 or 800-625-7866. But you’ll have to call the Barclays reconsideration line (866-408-4064) to get this done. Key Bank: 888-201-4523 (App status) Synchrony: (except WalMart): 866-419-4096 A lot of people report having the best success using the Spanish language line (don’t worry, they also speak English) which can be found reached at 866-865-7843 Spanish number is now unfortunately dead. Saks Fifth Avenue: 866-500-7257 (Application Status) ~Ron1 We looked at Ashleys sofas on Monday but with one toddler boy and one more boy on the way I am sure their more dainty sofas wont stand a chance in our family room (formal living room yes because it is … recon; have been advised by one member that they can only resubmit app with But I have had success using this strategy with Chase applications. Please note, to help protect the privacy of our customers, Synchrony Bank is unable to discuss or provide specific account information via unsecured channels. General Card Services: 888-232-0780. Credit Line Questions: 866-408-4064. Any opinions, analyses, reviews, or evaluations provided here are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by the Advertiser. Hooters: 801-545-6705, 800-850-4668 status) PayPal Identity verification: 888-361-0687 – abnormalspring Nationwide Visa: 866-757-2720 (App. Thx! silent and xfers to credit – Pizza1 BP Business Solutions gas card- (877)-463-1632 (credit dept; M-F/8-5) Stay ADVERTISER DISCLOSURE: Credit Card Insider is an independent, advertising supported website. BofA: 800-421-2110 – Customer Satisfaction Please ask questions and … I have about 670 fico accross all 3 bureaus. Citi: 800-763-9795 (App status?? I’ve had lots of card applications approved even after they were initially listed as pending or denied. 8AM ET-Midnight 12 ET.) The issuer provides product-specific support numbers for every card, but there are too many to list here, so we’ve included a few of the most popular below. BofA: 877-721-9405 (App Status – Choose Option 3) Barclays: 866-205-5973 (credit analyst 24 hours)  AmEx, credit reporting issues) FNBO: 800-444-6220 (UW/Credit Reallocations) ~ gdale6 & navigatethis12 Macy’s: 800-477-2167 ( Credit Account Specialist, reconsideration and limit Shell: 800-377-5150 Comenity: 614-729-3159 ~tussking Advertiser relationships do not affect card evaluations. Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate information, though all credit card information is presented without warranty. Advertiser relationships do not affect card ratings or our Editor’s Best Card Picks. AmEx: 800-230-1284 (Account Services – handles accounts with issues) Advertising partners do not edit or endorse our editorial content. Chase 800-278-8830 (Verification/fraud deparment) ~LuckyFico Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. 1 negative account. Tiffany: 800-770-0800 ExxonMobil Biz Card: 800-903-9966 Synchrony: 866-664-2315 (Fraud/Verification/New Accounts ) ~nihao To speak to a Chase representative about reconsidering your Chase credit card application, call the reconsideration line. Meijers MC: 801-517-5560 When you click on any ‘Apply Now’ button, the most up-to-date terms and conditions, rates, and fee information will be presented by the issuer. Target Biz Card: 800-440-5317 Because of this rule, and the fact that Chase cards Juniper: 866-408-4064 (Credit Analyst) For specific credit line questions, try the dedicated number. Do you have a correction, tip, or suggestion for a new post? report before calling. Click the 'Return to' button to return to the previous page or click 'Continue' to proceed to the third-party website. : 800-444-1408 Synchrony Bank: I received a credit denial letter from GE CRB... A Synchrony Bank customer review by GetHuman user ~iahaveabumbrother from November 20th, 2017 GetHuman: So how would you sum up your experience for GetHuman's Synchrony Bank customer community? Elan Financial Services: 800-685-7680 Sears: 800-599-9710 (Comm’l Accts.) Reconsideration: 866-408-4064. Need to get in touch with your credit card issuer? analyst) “If you file a dispute through Synchrony Bank that is subsequently approved, the transaction is no longer covered under PayPal purchase protection,” Bass says. Click edit button to change this text. Credit Card Insider has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Chase: 888-298-5623 (transferring credit limits from card to another) – Credit Card Insider has not reviewed all available credit card offers in the marketplace. Collections Dept: 800-921-6490 (people on blacklist can call this number) Citi: CSR: 301-733-5501 (New App Status) ~eagle2013 BofA Credit Dept. Want to check your application status on a credit account? Cap1: 800-951-6951 (cust. PNC: 800-762-0974 (Credit Dept.) © 2020 - Who Is Julio Medina? You can call the customer service number at 1-800-539-9056 and ask for your application to be reconsidered. When you click on any ‘Apply Now’ button, the most up-to-date terms and conditions, rates, and fee information will be presented by the issuer. Or ask for reconsideration with different terms? EDITORIAL DISCLOSURE: The editorial content on this site is not provided by the companies whose products are featured. ~score_building Chase Reconsideration Line. Valero: 877-882-5376 The responses below are not provided or commissioned by bank advertisers. However, Credit Card Insider does not make any guarantees about the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. BofA: BofA Biz UW 1-888-770-6635 – willpepplin Barclays: 866-663-6532 (Portfolio Credit, M-F 8 to 5 EST) – baller4life Chase: 888-270-2127 (App recon) I'm interested in all facets of internet marketing and technology. Chase: 800-945-2000 (App status with option to speak to rep.) ~SGTtar another hard pull) DISCLAIMER: All information posted to this site was accurate at the time of its initial publication. Wells Fargo Financial National Bank: 866-535-2725 (Executive Office). HSBC: 866-551-0258 (Credit Analyst) Read this for help picking your first card and find out what to expect when you apply. Reconsideration (Personal): 888 … I was approved for Barclays: 800-308-6008 (New Apps) – CramEiko Want your credit line increased, APR lowered, or your declined credit card application approved? increases) Shell Fleet Card: 800-223-3296 (App status) Personally, I’ve never done this with Barclays. Lowes: 800-445-6937 (App Status) By dialing this number, you can reach the personnel in charge of verify credit card directly to reveal your application status and ask for reconsideration after been rejected. Box 965004 Orlando, FL 32896-5004 Mail Business MasterCard Credit account payments to: Sam's Club MasterCard status – sasha123 Comenity is known for issuing retail credit cards from a variety of big-leaguer retailers. | All rights reserved, MRE Recipes: The Ultimate MRE Recipe Cookbook, Murphy’s Law of Military and Combat Operations, Book of Keto: 30 Day Journal To Jumpstart Your Ketogenic Lifestyle, Affirmations For Kids: Words of affirmation for parents to share with their children, Special Weather Statement issued December 29 at 2:29PM CST by NWS, 'Christmas magic,' says Chainlink user who received $11K in donations for $50K mistake, Bitcoin mining: The next decade of sustainable crypto innovation begins today. Online Help (866) 221-1126 Member Credit Services (866) 220-2760 Contact Address Sam's Club MasterCard P.O. WaMu CSR: 800-356-0011, or 800-280-9441 Bubka3 BofA: 800-732-9194 Learn the difference between networks like Visa and issuing banks like Capital One, which banks are biggest, and more. -CreditAddict 07/2014 Merrick Bank – CC – 877-790-5648 ~newUser0 Sunoco Corp. Card: 800-935-3387, 800-278-6626 Re: Backdoor Number for Synchrony Bank- Recon Help Thanks for the ideas. Catch your breathe and look up reconsideration line in the phone book, then dial! BofA: 888-260-4696 (secured accts.) Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Find the best companies in Banks category: Bank Of America and Synchrony Bank, Bank Of America vs Wells Fargo They seem to frequently change the reconsideration number, try one of the below 1-866-224-8555 BofA: 800-881-4730 (Loan Dept.?) Credit One Bank is not responsible or liable for, and does not endorse or guarantee, any products, services, information or recommendations that are offered or expressed on other websites.

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