autofocus does exactly what it says on the tin. @mem & @robert, you’re right. This is article is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of Beginning HTML5 and CSS3: The Web Evolved by Christopher Murphy, Oli Studholme, Richard Clark and Divya Manian, published by Apress. About a few related APIs in detail and examples of what you can do with those.
. We covered datalist above. Browser support for list and datalist is currently limited to Opera 9.5+ (see Figure 5), Chrome 20+, Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox 4+. It has the same effect as the enctype attribute on the form element and can only be used with a submit or image button Here is an example. Adding it to an input automatically focuses that field when the page is rendered. It works in a similar way to the in-browser search boxes that autocomplete as you type (see Figure 4). You provide minimum (min) and maximum (max) values, and the required value that falls between those minimum and maximum values. This element can be used in conjunction with the