Kit, , Professional Grade, High Gloss Protective Coating, Resin and Hardener The idea of the epoxy resin river table came from the USA like so many others. But, I tell you this as a father of 3 beautiful daughters, your going to loose a lot of hair & sleep when she gets older, cause she is beautiful now. An additional clear coat adds protection. This part is quite simple, start from one end then work your way to the other. Epoxy Countertops, Floors, Wall Systems and More. Thanks. :) Thank you for sharing. It also helps if you’re on a leveled surface. There aren’t ways to clean the used brushes to be reused, so this goes directly into trash can. 1 year ago. Without being able to do anything about it. Self-Leveling Epoxy Don’ts. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. #first time using our #products this #homeowner built these new #countertops…. The table is beautiful! For the final coat, I just used the resin with no color. Our first epoxy countertop attempt , it was relatively easy. Thank you!!!! What a mindful daddy you are! You made this instructable a pleasure to watch. Keep the torch moving -- once you’re done it should look like glass. I made her a desk awhile back, but that was too bulky to lug around. Fortunately most will rise to the surface and pop before the epoxy gets hard and traps them. Let me know if you have any questions. Do not mix it! Use on bar tops and countertops as well for a SUPER WET gloss layer … ProPour Casting Resin. If you want to do fancier things with your dirty pour, the you tuber Myriam's Nature has some great videos about this topic. Next, a mould is built in the desired length and size of the … $24.97 - $139.97. Mix up enough resin to cover the top and then pour it on the work surface. This is when you’re going to add your individual colors. Description. Now you’ll need to remove the bubbles. 97. Beautiful table you made, but it pales in comparison to that adorable little girl you helped create! You can also find me here: Youtube , Instagram , Pinterest. #diykitchenstorage, Give your kitchen the look you've always wanted using #LeggariProducts Click on the image to order a sample kit today! Avoid scratching with our best epoxy for table tops by simply pouring and spreading MAS Table Top Pro Epoxy evenly, covering your … 521 Marine Grade Epoxy Resin. Had my process worked out in my favor I would have been done. Being a content creator, I am always on the computer trying to get work done. Thank you so much. Since the entire table is coated in a layer of scratch-resistant epoxy, there is little that can damage these tables. Excellent Instructable! Make sure the glue is completely dry and then you will paint on a seal coat of epoxy. Wait 4-6 hours and then you can pour the flood coat of epoxy. 406 sold. Next, slightly spin and lift the PCV tube and push it in the desired path. One part hardener; one part resin. I used a total of five colors, but you can pick all the colors you would want to see in the end result. Looking to pour a white epoxy finish. Inspiration for Kitchen Epoxy Countertops and How-to Videos. You, Sir , have a lot of class . 2 years ago. Once you’ve mixed the second container of epoxy, you will transfer it to a new container (I used plastic cups). This is why this table came about. WiseBond ® Bar & Table Top Epoxy is a super wet gloss epoxy for bar and table top epoxy coating. Check that the base coat is an even thickness throughout the top; if it’s not, move it around or pour more epoxy. For others this would make a perfect nightstand or end table. I learned a ton. Crystal Clear table top epoxy. Pour the hardener into a mixing cup first follow by the resin. Clean up the hardened drips on the bottom. The epoxy used in the projects is a 1-to-1 mix. thick finish coat for bar tops, tables, river tables and most any table or counter top surface. After pouring the resin on the workpiece, I used a brush to evenly spread it. This wood and concrete counter top epoxy is a self-leveling high gloss finish epoxy that is UV stable for surface flood coatings. Epoxy resins are often used in combination with wood. Here is the finished product. Table Top Epoxy is great for embedding objects into your table, bar top, or counter top. Custom countertop installation during the pouring process! The resin epoxy in between looks like a river is flowing. And I'll bet that little girl will go places too! Which would you rather…”. Share it with us! $129.97 - $229.97. I tried a heat gun and I was not a fan; I like the torch better. Step 4 – Pouring the table top. You persevered and came out with a perfect finish. If you like this post, make sure check me out on the links below: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Click here. More Buying Choices $61.99 (2 … 2 Gallon Table Top & Bar Top Epoxy Resin Kit, Ultra Clear Finish, Self Leveling. FREE Shipping by Amazon. (1in)X(24in) pine edge glued panel round board Click here, Project's cost: $105Estimated time: 3 days (approx 5 hours spent) For additional details (tools used etc,) see the post on my site If you check on the countertop epoxy website, you will find a chart to help you with square footage coverage. Thank you for the inspiration! The white dots drive me nuts , going to have to do a new one . To apply a seal coat, start on one end of the table and pour the resin the full length of the surface, zigzagging as you go. For this project, I used hairpin legs to keep things simple. Inspect your work piece. I will do an experiment on it. Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin One Gallon Kit – Two-Part Kit for Resin Art. If you do this on a kitchen counter, will it withstand heat? Quick view View Options. Pouring epoxy too thick can ruin an entire project. This wood and concrete counter top epoxy is a self-leveling high gloss finish epoxy that is UV stable for surface flood coating. Quick view View Options. Quick view Out of stock. Twenty-four ounces of resin was just the right amount for this 24-inch table. Can someone recommend how to achieve a new white layer and what materials are needed? Nice 46 Charming Kitchen Countertops Ideas. Making a Penny Bar or Table Top with our UltraClear Epoxy. Conversely, casting resins are usually much thinner in viscosity and slower curing. You can try anything you like, swirling the pipe, zigzag, or whatever comes to mind. It also helps if you’re on a leveled surface. (We found foam brushes to work better.) This #counter has some depth! Table Top Epoxy makes it easy to cover a prepared level, horizontal surface containing just about any collection of personally priceless, glued-down objects (such as photographs, postcards, bottle caps, coins, charts, baseball cards, buttons) with multiple, thin layers of crystal clear protection. Pour a thin line of leftover epoxy along the edges of the counter. The back story is she loves to follow me from room-to-room, and I love having her around me. Did it come our smooth and even with the white or was there little bit of a lip? Torne-se especi…, Instant Access To 16,000 Woodworking Designs, DIY Patterns & Crafts | Popular Kits, Ideas and Furniture Plans #Woodworking, 1,172 Likes, 28 Comments - Jessica Lavadour ( on Instagram: “I can't decide if this one should be a clock or a normal piece of wall art. Since my table was going to finish at 84x44”, and I was making the form 2” wider and longer, AND I’m mounting the 3/4” sides on top, my first piece will need to be 87.5x47.5” (84+2+.75+.75=87.5). Thank you for the instructable! Heat gun?Tabletop epoxy would be mixed with some kind of white non-toxic paint? Thanks for confidence , Question Hardener part B +12oz.Resin Part A Additionally, many marine applications may call for different mixing ratios compared to something like table top epoxy. I have a scratched up white modern lacquer table. #coat anything with our #diy #metallicepoxy #countertop #resurfacing #kits get yours today at and see what you can create. I am totally going to try this. Then use a rubber squeegee, spatula, or a foam brush to move the resin around – covering the entire surface in an even coat. It is typically used for a 1/8 in. And, when they turn the evil 13, look out! Did you make this project? This table top epoxy produces a rich super gloss look. $41.00. There is certainly many brands out there this is the one I have experience with. The first pour was the base (I went with white). Thank you, haha. DYI Used Nationally by restaurants, hotels, casinos, bars, pubs, and night clubs out Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin will provide your club, bar, lounge, casino, hotel, sports bars or home bar with a long lasting finish. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about epoxy table top? It is typically used for a 1/8 in. This is an excellent tabletop epoxy for all … For our purpose, it’s a kid's table. I look forward to trying something like this. It can be used to encapsulate sea shells or pictures in a table top or a shelf for your bathroom vanity. Then is when you’re going to add your individual colors. Features of a handmade resin table. Great for Craft, molding, casting and Jewelry. Question Thanks to the advent of epoxy, it became possible to make tables and other furniture using rare types of wood, those that have a small trunk, for example, but have a very beautiful texture. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,251. I went with epoxy because it’s durable and easy to maintain. Or to make beautiful furniture from round saw cuts of a tree of various diameters. Now, begin your second pour, adding all the colors you will want to see in the mix. Pour into a new container and add your base color and mix for 4 more minutes. Here is the mixing process I used: 12oz. RTG Bar & Table Top Epoxy – Great For Anything Indoors. Compatible with color pigments, alcohol ink and acrylic paints, our table top epoxy is perfect for clear-coating surfaces like tables, bar tops, furniture, signs, artwork and more. Now, begin your second pour, adding all the colors you will want to see in the mix. I tried a heat gun and I was not a fan, I like the torch better. Bar & Table Top Epoxy Self-Leveling Flood Coat - 1:1 Formula. If that looks good, then you are set. I hope you enjoyed this post if you did I would love to hear what you think about it. In this project, I’ll be sharing my experience with creating a neat little epoxy resin table for my 2-year-old daughter. The epoxy resin must then be poured into the mould from four different sides in parallel. Use the mixing stick to move the epoxy resin over the surface of the table until the tabletop has an even coat. Smooth the epoxy … If you’re anything like me, you have a constant “to do” list that you’re working on – and trying not to lengthen. You're a master. May I ask please, what is the alcohol and what does it do? I'm not so afraid now to tackle something similar. Like how you repaired areas you were unhappy with as you went. Overall Rating:9.2. 2 years ago. The first pour was the base (I went with white). Out of stock. These tables are not only extremely modern but also are extremely noble and of high-quality. This table top epoxy produces a rich super gloss look. Once you’ve mixed the second container of epoxy, you will transfer it to a new container (I used plastic cups). It must not be colder than 20 degrees Celsius, even when curing from your table. When in doubt, buy more.

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