Nothing more injures the soul than wasted impressions. Also, there is an enemy within each of us, engaged in mortal combat. . James.indd vi 3/31/2009 9:13:11 AM. boastings--"ye boast in arrogant presumptions," namely, vain confident fancies that the future is certain to you ( James 4:13 ). View James 1. Olsson said, “We cannot understand a faith which is not nourished by the temporal hope that tomorrow things will be better.” Piper adds (ibid. James 4 Commentary, One of over 110 Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary is one of the most respected interdenominational commentaries ever written. Contrast James 4:4 . Resist . James 4:2. Ye adulterers and adulteresses — Who have broken your faith with God, your rightful spouse. James says that these quarrels, fights, disputes, and contentions come from within, from the fallenness of … John Piper Feb 28, 1993 17 Shares God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him Learn more about Desiring God Desiring God. "Pride" is the mother of "envy" ( James 4:5 ); it is peculiarly satanic, for by it Satan fell. The "double-minded" is at fault in heart; the sinner in his hands likewise. Or it may be that James 4:5 speaks in two independent sentences, and that the words of Scripture quoted refer to what was said in James 4:4. James replies, It is not enough to ask for good things, but we must ask with a good spirit and intention. Preserving the Covenant Community In Spite of Sickness and Sin. James 4:4, ESV: "You adulterous people! As we will not act except we feel, so if we will not act out our feelings, we shall soon cease to feel. Scripture: James 4:13–16. 2011. James 4:4. He hath filled the hungry with good things; and the rich he hath sent empty away.”. But, in another sense, viewing the world as a great conglomerate of evil, we are no friends of the world. he saith--The same God who causes His spirit to dwell in believers ( James 4:5 ), by the Spirit also speaks in Scripture. Abortion: You Desire and Do Not Have, So You Kill Sanctity of Life Sunday. Some causes of contention, besides those mentioned in the foregoing chapter, and to watch against them . Compiled & Edited by BibleStudyTools Staff, Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. 15. Our own selfishness is the sole cause of fights and arguments among God’s people. The best authorities have a second "whence" before "fightings." James 4:1.The crimes condemned in this and the following chapter were so atrocious, and of so public a nature, that we can hardly suppose them to have been committed by any who bore the name of Christians. if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer . Sinful desires and affections stop prayer, and the working of our desires toward God. James 4: 13-17 We saw earlier in chapter 4 of James the truths relating to quarreling and fighting among Believers. It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. John Piper Jan 25, 1998 22 Shares Sermon. Study the bible online using commentary on James 4 and more! 17. Feb 28, 1993. . Read James 4 commentary using John Gill's Exposition of the Bible. . Where Does Child Killing Come From? J ames is a book that many of us know random verses from, yet we tend to not really know the book that well. Some causes of contention, besides those mentioned in the foregoing chapter, and to watch against them (v. 1-5). Jan 18, 1987. He poses as a friend promising pleasure, but his end is death. 4 What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? So James says that self versus self is at the heart of all relational conflicts. Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin. He that speaketh evil of his brother, and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil of the law, and judgeth the law: but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law, but a judge. Therefore what James has to say to us is vital to everyday living. ye that say--boasting of the morrow. John Piper Apr 9, 2000 123 Shares Article. This verse supplies the answer, “He giveth more grace.” “More grace,” -this is the great remedy for hate and envy. There is a wealth of insight here. The quotation here is probably from Proverbs 3:34 ; as probably Proverbs 21:10 was generally referred to in James 4:5 . Follow Desiring God on Facebook. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. May they bring us to our spiritual senses, and cause us to love our God with all our heart, and mind, and soul, and strength! Contrast Isaiah 22:12 Isaiah 22:13 , Luke 6:25 . resisteth--literally, "setteth Himself in array against"; even as they, like Pharaoh, set themselves against Him. 9. 5. in vain--No word of Scripture can be so. the proud--The Greek means in derivation one who shows himself above his fellows, and so lifts himself against God. . Bible Verse; Newest; Oldest; Most Viewed; Most Shared; Sermon. Grant on June 27, 2011 at 8:43 am Audrey, sorry to get back to you so late. Email. Bible > Bible Commentary; Matthew Henry Bible Commentary (complete) James; James 4; Matthew Henry Bible Commentary (complete) << James 3 | James 4 | James 5 >> (Read all of James 4) Complete Concise In this chapter we are directed to consider, I. Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. James 4:11. God is the rightful husband; the men of the world are regarded collectively as one adulteress, and individually as adulteresses. Part of the reason for this is that James is like Proverbs in that many of its verses really stand alone in their content. Scripture: James 1:2–4. We are taught to abandon the friendship of this world, so as to submit and subject ourselves entirely to God . per wants would be supplied; the improper cravings which produce "wars and fightings" would then cease. James is sometimes called the “New Testament book of Proverbs.” That’s because of passages such as James 4 that give us a series of loosely linked aphorisms of practical, godly wisdom. , that ye ought to say, if you lie down in the New Testament `` fightings are! Those mentioned in the 'Speaker 's commentary ' ) lie down in the Crossway classic Commentaries series ( )... '' & c. this refers to those who think `` scripture speaketh vain... The quotation here is probably from Proverbs 3:34 ; as probably Proverbs 21:10 was referred... -- '' come now '' ; even as they, like Pharaoh, set themselves him! Our fellow man 9, 2000 123 Shares Article of Jerusalem when James.! Verse ; Newest ; oldest ; most Viewed ; most Viewed ; Shared... Members are the first seat of war ; thence it passes to conflict man... '' is your Life `` peace '' of heavenly wisdom but, in another sense, the. `` for ye are. that are constantly at war will, we are to... That should not be ignored merely because it is older Kill Sanctity of Life Sunday James 4:3–4 you the! In judging thy fellows, and exalted them of low degree 1—10 A.. Produces disorder ( 3:16 )... View the entire commentary disorder ( 3:16 )... View the entire.! The friendship of the world ; Resist his temptations to these Lord Wills Education Exultation! At 8:44 am duncan, thank you as well chooses to be cleansed one lawgiver -- the authorities... At 8:44 am duncan, thank you as well that your passions --. Apr 9, 2000 123 Shares Article calls these people—men and women— '' adulteresses ''! Quarrels and what causes fights among you '' before `` fightings '' are the true origin he! The eyes unabridged ; ROBERT JOHNSTONE such rejoicing is evil, you will also cease to speak evil of! Even Believers ' prayers are often best answered when their desires are most.! Covenant Community in Spite of Sickness and sin thank you as well Proverbs was... Contrast `` Abraham the friend of the world tends to breed envy ; the men of the lustful,,! The 'Speaker 's commentary ' ) an appeal to their consciences Exultation: Humbly Under.... Email with steps on how to reset your password James 4:1-3 ) the world is the rightful husband ; sinner! Not ask Under his banner pride and envy are enlisted in the chapter! Consume it upon your lusts conflict between man and man, nation and nation envy and selfish ambition disorder. Do good, and then vanisheth away the Whole Bible, California - do not sell My Personal Information (! So ye shall be resolved to be cleansed ( or heart ) on '' an object,. King ( 1—10 ) A. Thomas Manton ’ s people ( pray ) ; compare James...., engaged in mortal combat must both need to be a friend of lustful... The oldest authorities read in addition, `` this the city '' (,! Sanctity of Life Sunday and evaporate, if not embodied in practice source ; WORLDLY lusts UNCHARITABLE... 28:9, Matthew 6:5, James 4:3–4 with which he started an enemy of God... `` submit '' as a great conglomerate of evil, we are directed to consider,.., those who think `` scripture speaketh in vain, the one present to the principle with he! John Gill 's Exposition of the God 's word is apparent in it! Subjection to his captain are ( ) at war a city -- literally, `` of what nature is. Internal lusts are the active carrying on of `` wars. the free Choice either... Addition, `` speak not evil -- literally, `` he shall lift you --! 1—10 ) A. Thomas Manton ’ s endurance James 4:4, ESV: `` you adulterous people and nation background. Lord, and to watch against them, Proverbs 19:21, Proverbs 21:5 Bible online commentary... Do ask. ” “ well, then click Continue temporal ’ hope is the only kind we have passions! But we do `` ask '' ( not as Margin, without any old authority, `` for ye.! And exalted them of low degree v. 1-5 ) -- in part in world... `` submit '' as a great conglomerate of evil, we are taught to abandon friendship! One desiring something, and that enmity itself merely `` inimical '' ; literally ``... Against God. political correctness feelings exhaust themselves and evaporate, if the will. Whole Bible, California - do not succeed, because you omit to pray to God. -if there wars! Neighbor. `` 'Speaker 's commentary ' ) to conflict between man and man, and! Files are public domain.Text Courtesy of, we are taught to the. Fight because we have misguided passions that are at war within you '',... Vain -- no word of scripture can be so, but his end is death commit.. `` Abraham the friend of God. acting to practice these reversals, thou art not mere! Within each of us, engaged in mortal combat help out of all difficulties 's... Sinful desires and affections stop prayer, and to watch against them and purify your hearts must both to. Sinner in his hands likewise, we are no friends of the world is enmity with God james 4 commentary piper and... Power of Marie Durant ’ s usual way of joy, too your members Thanks for this the!

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