Oogway and Kai reunited in the Spirit Realm where Oogway learned that Kai had become malicious and resentful as well as becoming more powerful by stealing the chi of every kung fu warrior in the Spirit Realm. Concept art from the first film that resembles Kai's original four-armed design, Small helmet, leather armor, green pendant of collected, Supernatural abilities; uses two jade swords attached to long chains as weapons, The battle between the two in the mortal realm, Kai featured in the Chinese teaser trailer for, Kai featured in the second Chinese trailer for. So this round is basically hand to hand combat. Kai and Oogway's relationship became broken beyond repair and battled fiercely until Oogway banished Kai to the Spirit Realm. Fans will be amused seeing Po fighting with Kai and putting an end on his wrongdoings. Seeing the damage Kai's obsession would cause, Oogway broke off his relationship with Kai, and the two former friends fought fiercely until Oogway finally triumphed, banishing Kai's body and soul to the Spirit Realm.[5]. Le film n’est pas parfait, mais est fortement recommandé à ceux qui ont apprécié les deux premiers volets. 11 commentaires Signaler une erreur. Let’s find out! Five hundred years later, Kai mentioned to Shifu how he felt betrayed by Oogway. Follow 1665. 29 January 2016; 23 songs; Follow. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kai saw potential henchmen in the Furious Five, enslaving four of them, with the exception of Tigress who managed to escape. Kai was also often annoyed by Po's sense of humor and underestimated him, just like nearly all of Po's previous adversaries, but he was ultimately defeated by Po who overloaded him with chi, leading to his demise. Follow. The viewers earlier saw Po and the Kung Fu masters were left well off. While Kai was distracted, Po attempted to use the Wuxi Finger Hold to transport Kai back to the Spirit Realm, but Kai revealed that it could only transport mortals to the Spirit Realm, not immortal spirit warriors. Kai was also easily annoyed by Po's sense of humor, proven when they had first met. Kai était jadis le fidèle frère d'armes et le meilleur ami d'Oogway. Ngocmai64239. Jindiao can change forms. Les cinq Cyclones et Shifu tentent de l'arrêter. Army general (formerly) Raimi Spiderman 0% . There is currently little known about Kai's personality, though he is described as being an \"evil spirit\". He is a supernatural bull who appears as Po's third archenemy and the former brother-in-arms of Master Oogway and (upon his return to the mortal realm) later becomes a powerful evil Spirit Warrior. Un jour, son ami a été gravement blessé lors d'une embuscade et Kai l'a porté jusqu'au village des pandas pour le soigner. This implies that he is immortal since he is not even alive in the first place, in essence at least. In this time, Kai challenged Oogway to a rematch, in which he explained that he had taken the chi of every master within the Spirit Realm, much to Oogway's chagrin. However, Kai gained a morsel of respect for Po when the panda was impressed by his entrance in their meeting and mentioned Kai by name and called him by his various titles; he thanked him quite politey and even claimed that it almost made him want to spare Po's life. Will the warriors of the Jade Palace be able to survive the worst possible nightmare? However, this does not mean that he is beyond destruction. Kung Fu Panda vs Wall-E - Lalo Spears. Log In Sign Up. However, Kai was quite pleased when Po addressed him with said titles, even thanking him quite politely and claiming that it made him almost want to spare his life. They then happened upon a secret village of pandas, who used their knowledge of chi to heal Oogway. By: Berserker88. Kai was previously reported to be voiced by. Kung Fu Panda 3 Oogway and Kai's scroll refers to the scroll that documents Oogway and Kai 's history with one another five hundred years prior to Kung Fu Panda 3 . You can help by, Revealed in the music credits listed in the. He also possessed other supernatural abilities, most notably was the power to steal other warriors' chi. Summary. Oneindia Tamil. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Kai returns to the mortal world HD (Blu-Ray 1080p) English-2. Amon Dylan. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Kai Destroys Jade Palace - Hoạt Hình. Moviepilot. Find all 23 songs in Kung Fu Panda 3 Soundtrack, with scene descriptions. Fascinated by the power, Oogway learned from the pandas how to use chi to give life, but Kai saw a darker use for it, wishing to steal the chi from other warriors to increase his own power. General Kai (simply known as Kai), also known to all as "Kai the Collector", is the main antagonist of DreamWorks' 32nd full-length animated feature film Kung Fu Panda 3.. In round 1, Kai cannot use his weapons or chi, Jindiao can only stay in vulture form for this round.

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